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We make our experience count

During the process of devloping solutions for our clients, we have made some of the widely used solutions as standard products to help our other clients take the benefit of them. These products have been rated among the most powerful commercial solutions on the web.

Some of them are:

phpObjects phpObjects
phpObjects is a library of php objects and classes for rapid web development. It have been employed in many of our sites and products. Higly customizable and very low learning curve. You could be up and creating web sites within half an hour.
ASP LaunchPaD
ASP LanuchPad allows you to have a global authentication system for your website to protect any no. of pages. Perfect solution to launch your website as it contains integerated classes for session handling, password recovery, querying DB, etc. Elegant forms and error displays. Uses advanced session time techniques to give accuracy upto 3 milliseconds for timeout timings.
ASP LaunchPaD
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